When you forget to ask yourself this one little thing…

A fantastically fierce colleague of mine is writing a book, building her business, and developing her community. She helps women discover their voices and step into leadership. She is a shark: moving constantly and a force to reckon with.

Her energy is endless. Others marvel at what she gets done. Some are in awe of her intense determination. Nothing stops her.

Until it does. Then she hits a wall.

As we wrote together last week, there was a sense of defeat surrounding her. A kind of lull in energy.  A lack of clarity that was very unlike her.

I asked, “What do you need?”

That stopped her in her tracks, and she looked up at me in shock.

“I don’t know. Nobody’s asked me that in a long time.”

“So. Let’s figure it out. What do you need?”

I asked her some questions, and we played around with ideas, digging a bit deeper. In thirty short minutes, she was able to work through what she needed and created a plan to get back her energy. Her sparkle.

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She is a giver. Some might say she’s an over-giver, extending herself to make sure everyone else has exactly what they need. But sometimes she crashes and forgets that she has needs, too.

She forgets to ask for what she needs.

Sometimes she doesn’t even know what she needs.

Remind you of anyone you know?

Maybe you’ve lost your energy, your sparkle, your momentum. Maybe you’re worn out and tired of doing this alone.

Maybe you’re dying for someone to ask, “What do you need?”

So, I’m asking. What do you need?

Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath in, and ask yourself that question. “What do I need?” What answer shows up?

Sometimes it’s loud & strong – and then you get to work getting it!

Sometimes it’s quiet & indistinct – and then you get to work listening for clarity.

But sometimes it’s silent. Or muffled. And you need some help pulling it out.

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Sometimes, that help is sometimes just having someone to ask the right question, lend an ear, and support your mission.

And then there you’ll go, back on your path, moving toward that thing that you want, you need, you crave, you desire.

If you can use any of that kind of support, reach out to me. In a free mini session, let’s see what we can pull up for you in 30 short minutes.

Please share the answer that shows up when you ask yourself, “What do I need?” in the comment section below!

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