How she got from zero to 50K to 100K in 60 short minutes…

Today a client said something she didn’t mean to say out loud. Then she clamped her hand over her mouth.

It came out of her mouth and made her gasp, “Where the hell did that come from?!”

She had merely said, “I want to make $50,000 a year from my business.”

Here’s some background: she’s currently in the red in her business, so in her mind making that much money seems like just an airy dream, completely intangible. Ridiculous.

“Why not?”, I asked her. She didn’t have a good answer.

They real WHY NOT is that she doesn’t believe she can make it happen. She thinks she’s too disorganized, too unfocused, too busy to follow through.

And since that’s what she thinks, that’s what she lives. Does this sound like anyone you know?

It used to be me. I would get so lost in a day that I’d tell myself, “I’m just not gonna get anywhere today,” thereby letting myself off the hook. “I’m spinning my wheels,” I’d say.

And so I was.

And so she is!

My wonderful, incredible client has a disorganized, frazzled, busy day-to-day life. You’re probably nodding along! You know what that’s like, right?!

But our thoughts create our outcomes…AND her thoughts create the outcome that keeps her from making (a very deserved) $50,000 a year!

It’s so easy to empathize with others who struggle with limiting thoughts, right?! Because they seem so real! They are just the truth. Right?

I have my own, and man – from thought to reality, they have kept me stuck.

I can’t lose weight = I don’t lose weight (And I remained overweight)

I can’t make any real money here = I don’t make any real money here (And I remained broke)

I can’t understand his decision = I don’t understand his decision (And I remained disconnected from him)

But I have goals, people!!

  • I want to lose (and keep off) 25 pounds.
  • I want to make my OWN money to contribute to my family’s bottom line.
  • I want to connect with other humans – not judge them!

Every day I must do the work to overcome the yackety-yack in my head: sometimes I’m super successful & other times I struggle. It’s daily work that gets easier every day.

What are your goals? Is there something you really want? But you get stuck on the way?

Here’s one way that you can so easily start to move toward it:

State what you want. Say that shit out loud. State your wildest dream to yourself, write it down, or simply yell it out the car window. Tell someone who won’t judge you. Or tell your dog. Tell God. Tell the Universe. Tell yourself. Just say it.

Try it this week. See what changes for you by Friday. I know it works.

By the end of our one-hour coaching session, my beautiful, sweet client said, “You know what? When I get to $50,000, I know I’m gonna wanna make 100K.”

Damn straight, my friend. I know it.

Want to learn more about overcoming your own internal yackety-yak? Get some help – forrrrr freeeee over at Jen Liddy Coaching & Development on the Facebook. 🙂

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