My Superpower is NOT Mental Masturbation

My Superpower is NOT Mental Masturbation

For years, I had a low sense of worth in the workplace.

What was I good at? What was my “special sauce”? What was my Superpower?

I was constantly intimidated by the visionaries in my midst.

You know the type: the people who think big, original thoughts.

They ask, “What if…” and love to consider all the possibilities.

The Creatives.

The Creatives are AMAZING. They can see #wayoutthere, beyond the Now, into the Future.

They are the reason All Good Things ever happen, right?

Since I was never going to be one of them, I wasn’t useful in the world. 

All I did was Get Sh*t Done. A low-level thinker. I dealt with tedium on any project that The Creatives – well – created!

Truth? The Creatives are amazing. And I am really good at GSD.

But the story in my head was I was of no use to the world because I was just a worker bee.

One day, I was in full-day meeting hell with all The Creatives. Some of the most intimidating Creatives in my life were in that meeting.

It was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R because you know – we had to go through ALL the ideas and EVERY possibility.

For a worker bee like me, this was the worst kind of Mental Masturbation. It just went on and on, not getting anywhere – except to create MORE IDEAS!

Panic set in. I’d never be able to leave this meeting and get my shit done!

Then, it hit me : looking at the ideas on the white boards all over the room, I saw the patterns.

great idea concept

I saw the connections. I saw the way out of that room.

I took my marker and boldly stepped forward. I started gathering their ideas and showing them how to activate on them.

Showing them what their ideas could become. How their ideas could come to life.

How their ideas could be more than ideas!

They couldn’t see the small stuff because they were – ironically – mired down in the “What If” world of infinite possibilities.

For the first time in my life, I saw something vital.

The Creatives NEEDED me in order to make any of their ideas a reality! Without a me, there was only mental masturbation.

Hundreds of un-acted-upon ideas. What use is THAT to the world?

I’d found my Superpower wrapped up in what I thought was my curse. My weakness.

You have a Superpower. You 100% absolutely do. I promise you.

It’s likely wrapped up in something you think is worthless, minute, or unimportant.

Ask yourself, what’s the gift in this “weakness”? Where is the strength in that perceived weakness?

What does my “weakness” counterbalance in the world?

What is your Superpower?

balance superhero.jpg

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