Talking Myself Onto the Ledge…of an 80-Foot Tree

SO – here’s the truth: I don’t enjoy doing things I don’t know how to do already. 

A self-proclaimed Non-Adventurer.

If things are physically hard or uncomfortable or fear-inducing, I’m usually OUT.

No thanks.  I’m good. I’ll just stay home, thankyouverymuch.

Oh Yeah – I’m a real blast to have around.

IMG_9322 4But here we are, on vacation in a paradise, and the internets have revealed a two-hour zip-lining tour through the tree canopies of Maui.

You “jump” from tree to tree, 80-feet in the air.

There are 3 spots LEFT. Today. In two hours.

And it takes an hour to get there. I have 5 minutes to decide whether to purchase tickets.

I KNOW my boys will both love this! But I likely will NOT.

So, using the immortal words of The Clash, I ask myself, “Should I stay or should I go?”

I know my boys will be fine to go on this journey without me. Neither will hold it against me or make me feel guilty. They will have a blast. They’re used to me staying back.

It’s a typical situation: a fun opportunity arises, rankling my comfort level, and I freeze.

It just happens to be that today, we are in paradise. And I’ve got to get my shit together.

I’m tired of doing this to myself. I’m tired of sitting by, watching life.

Here’s what’s happening in my head:

Ahhhh, I can just stay back, lounge by the pool. Enjoy the ocean. Be alone

Comeonjenliddy! You know what’ll happen. You will not read. Relax. Or chill. You will work!

Right! I am on vacation, for Chrissakes! This could be fun! This is the type of thing I should be doing on vacation. Where can we do this at home?!

Seriously, though. I could bang out so much work while these two go. SO> MUCH.

Stop it. You’re on a two-week vacation because you work all the time. This is what you’re supposed to practice, you moron.

Ugggggg, they’re gonna put one of those harness things on me. My ass looks enormous in those things, I just know it.

OMG. Who CARES? Who do you think is even looking at you?

And I’m so out of shape right now! Am I really up to this task? How vigorous is this going to be? I am totally going to embarrass myself.

Good lord. You are going to be fine. There are going to be all kinds of people there.

Buuuut my neck has been really hurting these past few days. Like REALLY. I mean. This is a zipline. I’m prolly gonna get all jacked up and hurt it more.

JenLiddy. Girl. Pull it together. Be with your kid. Be with your hubs. PARTICIPATE IN LIFE!! Stop sitting on the sidelines! YOU WILL BE FINE!

And so. I go.

I quite literally talk myself onto the ledge of 80-foot trees in the forest on a mountain in Maui.

And it is the best effing day we’ve had as a family in a loooong time.

And. I love it! It is FUN. It is EXCITING. It is CHALLENGING.

What have you been trying to talk yourself into or out of? Likely, there’s an ongoing conversation about SOMETHING in your mind.

Is it noisy in your head? I want you to know, you’re not alone.

We all must manage our minds to have the things, experiences, and feelings we want.

We all experience negative thoughts and emotions.

We all have the ability to harm ourselves. To stay stuck.

And we all have the ability to decide not to do it anymore.

Is it hard? Hello!? Of course.

IMG_6849 2

That stupid ziplining decision was H.A.R.D.

That vital decision YOU have to make is H.A.R.D.

And choosing that hard is so dang worth it.




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