Happy Effing New Year!

Do you remember your 2017 Resolution?

Me neither. Mine was likely something about giving up sugar, getting in shape, and losing weight. It’s  been the same damn thing for most of my adult life.

Truth is, resolutions are boring.  Goals are boring. They kind of suck the life out of you.

Here’s one of mine:

  • I want to get over my sugar addiction and lose 30 pounds.

Maybe yours are different. Something like,

  • I want to make $30K a month.
  • I want to go get organized.
  • I want to go to yoga 3x/week.

Look at those goals. Or resolutions. Or whatever you want to call them.  They. Are. Boring.


Who CARES that I want to lose 30 pounds?

Not me when on week 3 of my “New Eating Protocol” I decide that the brownie in front of me is far more exciting & enticing than that boring goal I set 3 weeks ago! Eff you 30 pounds…I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Will you CARE that you want to go to yoga that night during week 4, when you’re tired, it’s snowing (AGAIN), and you just want to put your damn jammies on?

You. Will. Not. Care.

You’ll cheat on yourself. Tell yourself you failed at this year’s resolution. That this is an unreachable goal. And then go back to your old patterns.

Wow, Jen. You are a damn ray of sunshine today. Happy Effing New Year to you!

Ok, Ok, I know. But hear me out…

Why do we create goals in the first place?

Because we know achieving them will make us FEEL a certain way.

We know that if we get there, we will FEEL CONFIDENT, FANTASTIC, & FRICKIN’ AWESOME.

We’re human & busy & overwhelmed, during tumultuous times, so we forget how it will feel to achieve that goal. And we hit the easy button.

We tend to choose the right now – the immediate gratification. Cuz that’s what feels best right now – and it’s where we fail ourselves, over and over. It’s just our brains protect us by way of our patterned thinking.

It’s not our fault, and it’s also not something we need to throw our hands up about.

You CAN have that thing you want. You CAN break the patterning. And you CAN feel how you want to feel.

I want 2018 to be different for you. I want you to get every outcome & result you desire.

I want you to achieve everything you want.

I want you to FEEL that feeling that getting there will provide.

Maybe there’s something in your way, but I know you can get o’er it.


Join me at a one-day workshop called Set Up For Success: Kick Off 2018 & Kick Ass.

It’s not a typical “goal-setting” workshop – in it, we’ll think about goals in a new way. We’ll think about what you want, what you DON’T want, and how to overcome what’s in your way of getting it!

It’s January 11, 9:30 – 2:30. Includes lunch, time to process, time to create a new way to think about setting yourself up for success. It’s at The Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse.

Ultimately – we’ll explore how you can feel the way you want to feel.

Questions? Shoot me a message below, or register here & learn more.

Whether you have a business, a dream, a hobby, or a desire for something new in 2018, you deserve a day for YOU. Show up for yourself & kick yourself into gear this year!

Jen Liddy Impress Yourself


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