Working Hard Not To Dislike My Old Self

“Jennifer Grimm Liddy is…

  • Tired of the snow.
  •  Sick of my two-year-old whining.
  •  DONE having to make dinner every night.

Remember when Facebook first came out, it prompted you to post something in that manner?

Jennifer Grimm Liddy is ___________. 

Damn you, TimeHop!  Thanks to the wonder of this little app, I’m not only reminded of how much BETTER Facebook has gotten…I’m also reminded how much I dislike my 8-year-ago-self.

In my posts, I [mostly] complained! 🙄

Ugh! 🙈 🙉 🙊I read these little reminders of who I used to be and crinnnnngge.

How BORING I was! How AWFUL!

I’m kind of built to be complainy and negative. My maiden name is Grimm – an awfully accurate description of my personal tendencies.

It’s in the genes: I see it in my family members. We tend to be pessimistic (and call it ‘being realistic’).

As a kid, fairly miserable and negative, smiling was not my favorite. I carried this tendency far into adulthood, until I decided it just didn’t look good on me anymore.

TimeHop reminds me just how far I carried it.

My son LOVES TimeHop, as it’s often a chronicle of his wonderful life.

Before looking at it with him, I don an energetic armor!

I’m not that Jennifer Grimm Liddy anymore, though she still lives deep inside. My tendency now to be more open, optimistic, inquisitive, and (can I really say this?) cheery is the result of a lot of work.

It has been SO worth it! I love my life and like who I’m becoming. But daily reminders of boring, old, complainy Jen are a good mirror for work I must continue in order to become who I want to be.

I try not to dislike her. To have compassion for her. I chuckle a bit at her. She drives me further onto my path of growth & wellness & development.

Is there someone living deep inside yourself that you’re ashamed of? Or an aspect of you that you no longer resemble?

Or a piece of you you’d like to shed?

It’s not too late. Don’t have to be ashamed of her! She doesn’t define who you will become. Who you are becoming!

She possesses all the possibility.

Say yes to her! You don’t have to make a big announcement or overhaul your life. You don’t need permission.

Say yes to the person you want to be. We’re all here cheering you on!

Need support? Want to learn how? Reach out – I have 2 openings for Private Coaching clients…or learn how in my upcoming workshop!

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