Is It Possible That Time Is Your Enemy?

You want something. I just know it. You’ve been…

  • trying to lose weight for years now.
  • saying you want to be a more present parent.
  • fantasizing about a different career.
  • plotting finding that perfect relationship.

Then, suddenly, BAM! You find yourself in the middle of a shit storm moving you in exactly the opposite direction you said you wanted!

WTH? How’d you get here again?

Easily. Sooooo, easily.  Time gets away from us.

If you think you’re alone in suffering with this, let me reassure you – I don’t know anyone, myself included, who hasn’t been there.

When we move away – even unconsciously – from what we want, we do not get the desired outcomes we’re craving. We do not achieve our goals.

Time becomes the enemy, & we blame it.


So, we remain stuck. Being stuck sucks, and you know it!

I’ve been stuck so many times. So. Many. Times.

“Dammit!”, I always think. “I’m smarter than this!

How did I get here again?”

You’ve got something you’d love to gain control over, but somehow it just never happens.

Time flies. Months go by. And suddenly you’re another year into your discontent, your unhappiness, your misery.

If this resonates with you, then you get it. You understand the power of fleeting time.

Of not understanding where all your time goes. Of taking care of everything else before you take care of you.

You feel stuck and powerless (and probably live on that fun roller coaster ride of self-loathing, too). You’re not stupid. You’re not stuck. You’re not powerless.

Really – I promise. I know you don’t believe me yet, but you can overcome this cycle of never having enough time and change your entire life.

When time is your enemy, you become its victim. Constantly at its effect, rather than in control of it.

I am on a mission to teach people how to make friends with time so they don’t feel so overwhelmed. Frustrated. Crispy. Wrung out. Frazzled. Scattered.

When we control our time, we control our lives.

When you learn this skill, no one can take it away from you. You can even teach it to your kids, your family, hell – maybe even your boss!

I created a four-hour workshop to help you dive deep, explore what’s going on, and made REAL changes.

It’s called Make Friends with Time: Master your schedule without losing your mind!

It’s SO effective & popular that I’m running it one more time in person – on Sunday, April 15th. 12:30 – 4:30 at the Tech Garden, downtown Syracuse.

This is not just “lunch & learn.” This is DIVE DEEP and FIX SHIT.

It’s an interactive experience designed to show you how to see yourself, maybe for the first time, as someone who can get off this roller coaster and get that thing you really do want.

It isn’t easy, BUT it is worth it! I’d love to see you there. Oh – and bring that friend (or family member) who struggles too. Support each other – and amaze yourself at what you can accomplish!

PSssssst: Until 4/1, the cost is $57. After that it’s 70 buckaroos, baby!






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