The Thing That’s Stealing Your Energy…and it’s not other people!

Back in the olden days of 1980-something, my dad complained the thousands of decisions he’d make each day at work.

I’d think, Jeez, Dad. Poor you. How hard is it to make decisions all day long? 🙄

To me, it sounded like a luxury! I mean – kids don’t get to make any decisions! You’re told what to wear. Where to stand. When to eat.

What a fool I was.

What I’d give now to not have to make decisions!

But for my clients and me, it’s not the BIG decisions that are killing us: it’s the teeny, tiny, stupid decisions.

• What time should we leave for the airport?
• What should we have for dinner?
• Which sneakers should I buy my kid?

UGGGGG! They’re exhausting and steal our time!



This is Decision Fatigue – that wiped out feeling you have because sooooo many things are swimming in your head – big things & little things & middle things.

It’s not only exhausting. It creates anxiety, worry, fear, overwhelm.

We all have BIG decisions to make. Currently on my mind:
• How do I want to scale my business?
• Where do I want to live in 10 years?
• How are we going to pay for retirement?

Why do I waste time with little, teeny-tiny decisions that don’t really matter?

Example: I want to stop bullshitting myself about my yoga practice & get serious.

And since yoga’s exploded in Syracuse, we have numerous studios to choose from.


But, I was totally bullshitting myself by spending hours on the MindBody app, exploring which class to take, at what studio, at which time, with what teacher!

I mean. Seriously. HOURS!

Comparing, looking at my calendar, overthinking it all.

I wasted so much time deciding, sorting, ranking, and researching…that I wasn’t making it to class.

I was so tired of thinking about yoga that I wasn’t doing yoga!

It sounds stupid, but I bet somewhere in your life, you’re avoiding actually DOING something by spending too much time thinking about it.

This is buffering – avoiding just DOING the damn thing.

Thinking about doing yoga…Researching yoga…
Exploring yoga…Planning yoga…

Is NOT doing yoga!!

So I constrained: this means I pick one and go with it. See how it works out.

I mean – jeez, it’s all just an experiment anyway. We cannot know the perfect solution!

You’ll likely resist this tool. Tell yourself, Ohhhh! I need all the options!

No. No you don’t. All the options are absolutely paralyzing.

Here’s how I solved my yoga problem:

I committed to the studio I felt most comfortable with, most convenient to my home.

Made my constraints.
Bought a year unlimited pass.
That. Was. That.

Are you tired of making thousands of decisions a day – that feel important but actually aren’t?

Decisions keeping you from taking action?

You’re in Decision Fatigue.

How do you deal with it? Make it stop?

As usual, I suggest NOT overhauling your life. Choose one area you feel like you’re in Decision Fatigue.

• What to wear/eat/etc.
• Which podcast to listen to
• What exercise to do
• Which webhosting software to use
• Which book to read

These little decisions are keeping you stuck in a loop…creating anxiety, worry, and exhaustion.

How to constrain?

1. Decide about one aspect of your life that’s currently depleting you.
2. Simplify & take action.
3. Assess. Is life better? The same? #winning
4. Is life worse? Make a different choice.

This won’t be easy: that’s ok.
Make a choice – it may not be perfect. That’s ok.

We gain confidence not by doing things perfectly, but by doing something – knowing we can handle the outcome.

You can do this. I promise – micro shifts yield macro results.

Interested in learning more? Reach out – I’m creating an online coaching group to help people with this topic of mastering our time…I’d love to pick your brain & learn about what’s keeping you stuck!

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