Sick of Yourself? What to Do When You Can’t Get Anything Done…

I’m guilty of overstuffing my brain. I’m kind of addicted to it.

I lerrrrve online courses! And when I’m listening to podcasts or reading books, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time.

I feel like a student – and a good student this time!

But this constant intake of information is a slippery slope. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole, losing great amounts of time in the name of ‘research’.

I love to read & listen & watch & think. But sometimes…I do not DO.

It’s called Passive Action: taking in & taking in…but never creating an outcome.

We waste time & cheat on ourselves.

Have you ever done something like this?

  • Research paint colors and never paint the room.
  • Compare potential diet plans and never commit to one.
  • Search Pinterest for closet organization ideas and never get to the closet?

I certainly have! It’s fun – at first. Then it just feels like shit because – No Action.

Clients hire me for exactly this reason: to help ‘em activate on their goals.

They’re stuck in a loop, frustrated, angry, or disgusted with themselves…

  • The stay-at-home-mom who wastes precious nap-time, child-free moments, researching exercise classes so she can get back in shape.

PS: She still hasn’t made a choice, and her youngest is about to give up his nap.

  • The want-to-be-entrepreneur who reads daily about marketing but can’t commit to one strategy to activate his incredible idea.

PS: He still hasn’t launched his business.

  • The life coach who has more certifications up the wazoo but keeps taking trainings because they will make her better for her clients.

PS: She doesn’t have enough current clients to justify the cost of the trainings.

They are angry & disappointed. Frustrated. Think something is wrong with them!

I mean: we do ALL THIS HARD WORK! We research and learn SO MUCH!

Why does it feel like we’re not getting anywhere?!?

Simply: Because we’re not.

Passive Action keeps us in a thought loop inside our brains…and at some point, we have to make a decision. Take action.


I hate to be the one to tell you this – but more research doesn’t count as “DOING”!

“What’s wrong with me? Why can other people get shit done, but I can’t?”

Oh, my friend – nothing’s wrong with you. Life would change if you learned some small shifts to activate on the things you really want.

Take these 2 steps this week:

  1. Write down the thing you really want, every day, in as many places as possible.
  2. Take one ACTIVE step toward it each day. That means DO something. Stop putting off your decisions. Give yourself a deadline.

“Today, I’ll choose 3 sofas online, show them to my bff, and we’ll choose one from there.”

The End.

“Today, I’ll go to barre 9:30am – at the studio closest to my house.”

The End.

“Today, I’ll write my blog for 45 minutes and NOT publish it.”

The End.

Staying in research mode is exhausting because you tell yourself that making the decision is scary and unclear. Am I doing the right thing?

But, staying in a loop of passive action is not the right thing for you either!

How do I know? Answer these:

Fill in the blank: When I keep contemplating this decision, I feel _______________.

Safe? Frustrated? Annoyed? Irritated? Stuck? Angry? Defeated?


Fill in the blank: When I take action on this decision, I will feel _________________.

Relieved? Powerful? Excited? Happy?

Which response gives yo

u a better feeling?

Take a small step this week & make a low-risk decision. Notice how you feel.

Then do more of that.

Small Shifts = Big Changes.


Do you struggle with this? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Tell me what I got right and what seems to be unclear…I’m dying to hear your perspective!

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