How to Get That Idea OUT of Your Head & Into the World!

“Do you have an idea burning inside you…like it eats you up…that you really REALLY want to bring to the world?”, the presenter asked.

She picked one of the 25 raised hands, and the woman who answered almost wept. “Yes. So much. But I’m so afraid. I’m terrified. I’ll never make it happen.”

My heart broke for her…she has a dream and is too afraid to bring it to life.

She must be so frustrated! Angry. Discouraged. Defeated. Paralyzed.

It took everything for me to stay seated and not go hug her.

I wanted to say, “OMG!! I know you can do it! I see women do it every day! You just need support. And resources. And other amazing women who are doing the same thing!”

You don’t have to be alone.

But she’s not the only one out there. Keeping her amazing idea inside of herself because of fear, overwhelm, and the inability to see her own potential.

Here are 3 strategies I use with clients who come to me in the same state. If you’re struggling with getting an idea off the floor, maybe one will help you.

Premise One: The world would be a better place if women made more money and had more control over their time & energy.

If they brought their incredible ideas and magic to the world…EVERYONE would benefit.

Since many women are motivated by helping others, this is an idea that perks up their ears.

Because – sure, you could do it for yourSELF, but that would be selfish, right? 🙄

But what if you could do it for the WORLD…THAT thought might allow you to take that first terrifying step.


Premise Two: You’ve already done a shit-ton of hard things!

Need evidence? Look to your past. You’ll find TONS of times when you’ve had fear & doubt.

There’s always something that we feel fear & doubt about – but YOU DID THE DAMN THING ANYWAY!

{Did you go to Kindergarten? Graduate from school? Go on your first job interview? Go on a first date? Those things seem like nothing now, but do you remember how hard they felt at the time?}

What was your outcome? {Riiiight. Oh yeah…you did the thing. Maybe you kicked ass. You learned a ton. You became a better human being. Remember?}

Sometimes searching for evidence can be helpful.


Premise three: It all comes out the way it’s supposed to. But maybe you forget that from time to time.

So think of someone else who believes you can do this shit.

Me, for example! Imagine me in your head saying, “Duuuuude! You’ve done MUCH harder things than this before. There is nothing to be afraid of because even if it doesn’t work, you’ve earned your confidence for having done it!

Even. If. It. Doesn’t. Work. Did you hear that? It might not work. And you will still be a badass because you got your ass up off the couch and did that hard thing.

And the experience you had was necessary. A gift in some way. A teacher. A growth opportunity.


You know how badly you want this thing. You know how much the world needs it. And you are tired of feeling like shit about it.

So, it’s time.

I’ve got a group forming to take you where you want to be. It’s affordable. And it’s effective.

Ready to go? Come on! Let’s go.

Set up a time to chat with me & learn more here.


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