Here’s what’s going to happen in 15 minutes…

I want to share this trick I have that keeps me on track…

I call it 15-Minutes-From-Now-Jen. 15MFNJ has saved my ass many times.

Like, when I want to have a piece of pizza, but oh yeah – I’m gluten-free. Because Celiac. And IBS.

And in 15 minutes, I will hate 15-Minutes-Ago-Jen.

To use this tool, I need to be aware of what I’m doing…and I’m not always so great at that.

However, when I am, 15MFNJ is really effective.

Here’s what happens: there’s something I don’t want to do because I think it will be very sucky RIGHT NOW.

  • Record a module for my online course [but I have to find my notes – they are somewhere.].
  • Pay that ticket right [but my wallet is downstairs – UGH!].
  • Go for a walk [but I just want to watch an old Sex & The City episode. In bed. Alone.].

I want to put them off because I think it will feel amazing! Or be easier.

Or whatever.

In the moment, it is much more fun to push off the recording, ignore the ticket, or leave the walk for tomorrow.


To combat this, I get really present and think about 15-Minutes-From-Now-Jen.

Will she be psyched that we let this go?

Or will she be pissed? Regretful? Disgusted?

What will Tomorrow-Jen be like? How is Tonight-Jen ruining Tomorrow-Jen’s day?

I think about this a lot. It has saved my ass A LOT.

I think it’s the reason people think I’ve got my shit together.

Pssst. I’ll tell you what, sister.

The only difference between me & you getting shit done is that I know Tomorrow-Screwed-Over-Jen is a total nightmare, and I don’t like her.

I don’t want to spend the day with her.

I don’t’ want to hear the shame, regret, disappointment, anger, or frustration that Tomorrow-Screwed-Over-Jen will spew when Right-Now-Lazy-Jen screws her over.

I want Tomorrow-Jen to be happy. I want 15MFN-Jen to be proud.

I love this tool because it works for lots of different things!

Here’s an example: A few years ago, I screwed up with Jack. He had expectations about the Advent calendar.

[Have I mentioned my loathing of the Advent calendar? I created a monster when he was little, and now it’s a giant pain in my ass.]

ANYHOO. I really disappointed Jack this one year because I didn’t get my act together in time.

So I took the 15MFNJ tool and created Next-Year-Jen: simply, a reminder on my phone for the following December!

I was a damn hero!

So, hey. Can my 15-Minutes-From-Now tool help you?

Think about 15-Minutes-From-Now YOU: how do you want her to feel?

[This is a good question: how DO you want to feel? Ask yourself this more often, lovey.]

And if you don’t do the thing, how will you feel?

[This creates intrinsic motivation. It means you can generate this shit on your own! How powerful is that?!]

And one last little thing:

So. Um. Is there something you’ve wanted for a long time?

Like, to get in shape?

Get into a relationship?

Get out of a relationship?

Write a book?

Launch the podcast?

Start your business?

Imagine how One-Year-From-Now-You would feel if she accomplished that.

SO badass. SO relieved. SO powerful. Right!?

Now. Imagine one year going by.

[It’s gonna happen, my friend. Whether you move or not. A year will pass.]

But, imagine if you took a whole bunch of little 15MFN steps. If you thought about 15MFN-You at least once a day.

Chip. Chip. Chip away.

Small changes.

Micro shifts.

Imagine what One-Year-From-Now-You would be doing?!

Close your eyes. Can you see it? I can.

Need help? Reach out. This is EXACTLY what my upcoming online coaching program is created for.

Affordable. Accessible. And it will help you get where you want to go!

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