How to Stop Hiding

Lately, I’ve been hiding from myself.

I’m ready to scale my business & know exactly what I want to do: help Creatives bring their ideas to life.

Simple, right? It’s needed, too – Creative Women are everywhere. I meet a new one every day who needs help getting her idea out of her head.

So…I’ve got my why. I’ve got my who. Hell, I even have my HOW!

But my brain kept finding excuses: I wasn’t “FINDING THE TIME” to make my program come to life!

It swirled & swirled in my head. But I took no action.

After 3 months of this nonsense, I worked it through with my coach, Patty.


Turns out, I’m afraid.

Here’s why: to make this thing happen, I have to do marketing I don’t really like to do. It’s technical and will cost beaucoup bucks.

BULLSHIT ALERT: Those are merely excuses that I’ve been calling “reasons”.

Here’s the real problem: I don’t really believe the world wants to hear what I have to say.

My story is that the world is so noisy – who needs another coach, another program, another course?

Who wants to watch another video on social media with someone telling you what to do?

I don’t want to bring more noise to the world.

Instead, I want to create solutions.

Patty reminded me that I already do this. That when I show up, it’s with help.

She reminded me that the world needs what I have to offer.

It’s time for me to stop hiding from myself. Stop making excuses. Stop calling them “reasons”.

How do you know if you’re hiding?

Do you have a want?

Do you tell yourself it’s silly, unrealistic, or unneeded?

Most importantly, do you make excuses about why you never work on it?

Then you’re hiding.

How do you stop hiding? Try these tactics:

Say it out loud to yourself, alone, in the car. “I want to create art and get paid for it.”

Write it on your mirror in Sharpie. “I want to launch a podcast this year.”

Tell a trusted friend, and hold your ground, even if she doesn’t understand. “I want to start a business and be a stay-at-home-mom.”

Hire a coach. They’re trained to meet you where you are and get you where you want to go. (And if you meet a coach who judges you, it’s not the right fit.)

These baby steps will make the desire more real – and less of a dream – for your brain.

BTW!!! These steps will not feel easy. They’ll feel uncomfortable and monumental.

DO THEM ANYWAY. You’ll survive. Actually, you’ll be so fricken proud of yourself you’ll want more showing up and less hiding from yourself.

It’s time for all of us to STOP HIDING.

Are you ready? Then you’re going to love the program I’m launching to help Creatives stop hiding and start living!

25 Founder Spots will be available at an incredible value, so email me to learn more about the group coaching program when it launches to nab yourself a spot!

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