The Miracle That Proved I Didn’t Suck

Math isn’t my specialty, but here’s an equation even I understood as a young woman:

I never liked babies or little kids.


My childhood hadn’t been…ideal.


I’d be a sucky mom.

So I was preeetttttyyyyyy sure I was never gonna do that. At all. Ever.

I mean, obviously, I could never love a child. And I told everyone I didn’t want children.

I was never having kids.

So much so that I even told my then-new-boyfriend that if he wanted children he should probably date someone else. (He stuck around.)

I took myself out of the running for parenthood before even giving it a real shot for consideration.

Then 15 years ago, a miracle happened. I fell in love with my brand-new niece, Megan.

Whoa. This was big doin’s. I am capable of loving a baby? Of LIKING a child?

I’m not a heartless monster after all?

Potential was revealed! I could take care of a baby and do it in a different way than I’d been raised.

It was merely a spark, but in those early days of Megan’s life, I saw what I could possibly become: a good parent.

Turns out I didn’t want to have a baby because I didn’t know HOW to do it well. Who wants to suck at something?

Do you ever do this to yourself?

Maybe not with parenting, but is there something you want that you’ve created a big story around? That you’ve already taken yourself out of the running for?

Before you even start?

Here was mine:

If I become a parent, I might…

  • create an unhappy kid – like I was.
  • be an unhappy mom – no one wants to be Mean Mommy.
  • be incredibly happy, and I didn’t know if I could handle that kind of success.

So I told myself I didn’t like kids, didn’t know how to parent, and hence, didn’t want it.

My son Jack is now eleven. He’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

He’s also a big, giant pain in the ass sometimes.

I fail with him. I succeed with him.

Most of the time I’m figuring out the HOW of parenting as I go along.

WHO ISN’T!!?? (Hey. If you’ve figured it out, do a sister a solid and come be my new BFF.)

I’m not doing it alone – and you don’t have to either. We all need support because – regardless of what the hell it is that YOU want to bring to life – it’s scary. Unclear. Tough.

You don’t have to know all the steps in advance.

And you don’t need to do it in isolation.

Ready to take that first step? You’re going to love what I’m launching this fall. It’s an affordable, realistic group coaching program so you can get the help you’ve been looking for.

It will help you birth your idea into the world! 😉

Grab a place on my mailing list to stay updated when it becomes available. There are 25 Founder spots available at a great value.

PSST: You’re not the only one out there with a dream you want to bring to life. And you can have it. I promise. You just have to see the potential.



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