Your Magical Dust is Needed

When women create money doing the things they LOVE, the world becomes a better place.

When they don’t have to think things like, I can’t afford it.  I have to ask my husband.

Or, I want that, but I can’t have it.  We need that, but we can’t have it.

That shit is dis-empowering. I only realized it AFTER I started making my own money doing something I love.

But it’s scary to believe you can make money doing the thing you love.

Doing scary things is a challenge for me every day.  It’s exhausting because there are so many scary things to do all the time.

Doing scary shit is part of life. Until we decide that it’s all just too hard.

That’s when we stop doing hard things – and we get a little bored, feel a little “meh”, and possibly wonder if “this is all there is.”

When we avoid hard things, we start hiding from ourselves.

If you’re ready to stop hiding from yourself, remember:

You know you have a purpose.

Mine is helping women create abundance by doing things they LOVE. Supporting them during the hard times – because there are many hard times on this journey!

Because when women make more money, it’s good for e’rry body.

Maybe you needed to hear this from someone outside your head. Outside your house. Outside your social media feed.


The world needs this thing coated with your particular magical dust.

With your voice delivering it.

With your particular brand of awesomeness stamped into the side.

There is an audience. There is a need. You already know it because most likely you are your target audience.

And if you need what you have to offer, there’s more who need you.

If you’re nodding – or know someone who would nod along – then do one little thing this week.

Take one small step toward showing up for YOU this week.

A small step where you’re not hiding.

Do one small thing to start.

Maybe that’s setting up a call with me.

Maybe it’s showing up for a call with me.

No one’s asking you to quit your job, ignore your kids, or leave your spouse.

You can have what you want, but it takes showing up to get it.

How are you going to show up this week?

If you need help getting ideas out of your head, learn more about the affordable, realistic way to make your idea real in a way that works for your life.

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