Feel Stuck Bringing Your Idea To Life? Here’s Help!

Here’s a version of the pain my clients experience: Martha wanted to write a very important book – one the world needs to read.

However, she couldn’t commit to writing it, even in small chunks. We explored where she was stuck, made a plan, and designed Action Items for her to implement.

Next session? She reported all the reasons why she didn’t write over the past two weeks.

Time. Kids. Job. Life.

Some days she just didn’t feel like it.

Other days, she knew she should, but she just couldn’t.

We used various tools to figure out why she was stuck.

Here’s what we discovered: Martha didn’t want to write her book because she couldn’t figure out what would the cover of the book would look like.

To be clear: She didn’t know what would go on the cover of a book she hadn’t written yet, so she didn’t want to write the book. 

I’m not making fun of her. This is a very real example what keeps us stuck!

The book’s cover was a good excuse to not write because she was terrified of failing.

BUT, fear of failure feels like bullshit to our brains, so she told herself she didn’t know HOW to write the book. AND that she didn’t have the time.

Ultimately, the root of the problem was that she was afraid the book would suck.

Then she was afraid the book would be AMAZING. And everyone would read it.

And that was scary too.

Does this make sense to you? It does to me.

“I want the thing. I’m afraid it will suck. And that will change my life. I’m not sure I can handle it.”


“I want the thing. I’m afraid it will be amazing. And that will change my life. I’m not sure I can handle it.”

We’re afraid of failing. And we’re afraid of success.

And both of these things sound so stupid to our logical brains that we make up reasons to help us make sense of it.

If we stay stuck – then we never have to fail or succeed…or do anything we dream of doing!

It’s safe. SAFE. And safe feels like meh. It feels like shit. It’s emotionally exhausting.

Once Martha figured out what was really going on, everything felt a little easier because it made more sense. She struggled to figure out

Why, if she wanted this thing so badly, could she never manifest it?

Why did she keep manifesting busy-ness? Lack? Pain?

Once she saw the paradox playing out in her brain, she mastered it. Writing came more easily. She worked it into her daily routine.

She saw the bullshit program her brain was running. She saw how the lies were holding her back.

Might your brain be running the same kind of story? How can you know?

Check in: ask yourself:

  1. If my idea fails, what would change in my life? Can I handle this?
  2. If my idea wins, what would change in my life? Can I handle that?

If your brain seizes up when you ask yourself those two questions above, then you’re running a bullshit program up there.

See, I know that you CAN handle it. Do you know you can handle it?

You can handle a win or a ‘fail.’ It’s not fun. It’s not easy.

But you can handle it.

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