The Reality of My Life is Not Something to Aspire to

Who in your social media feed do you need to snooze, unfollow, or unfriend?

There were peeps in my feed who brought me nothing but unpleasantness.
Irritation. Downright anger!

I had to hide some of them because I kept comparing my life to theirs.

It can be anyone you follow-

  • An inspiring author who doesn’t seem to ever have a bad day.
  • An entrepreneur who only makes more & more & more money.
  • A lifestyle influencer who never gains a pound but eats whatever she wants.

None of this is reality. Everything can be curated & cultivated.

Check out my feed & blog posts. You’ll see lots of summer days at my mother-in-law’s lake house. Friends & family visits. Vacations.

Lots of inspiring stories of self-awareness that have gotten me unstuck.

But I also hope you see the things that hold me back. Struggles with my weight. Pain in recognizing my patterns. Fearing parenting failures.

I wonder if the hard work of having my own business is worth it.

I cry. I’m TIRED. I’m FEARFUL.

Will my new group program be a flop? Will I help anyone?
Does anyone read this blog? Am I helping anyone?
Are my ideas relevant?

I worry about ALL that shit. And I’m absolutely crawling over the finish line every Friday night.

It ain’t pretty.

Here’s a good example of the reality:

I work 50 – 70 hours a week on my business. It’s NOT what I’d want any of my own clients to do.

But I’m a total workaholic. So is my husband. It’s NOT something to aspire to.

I’m trying to play more – I’ve talked openly about what a hard time I have with this.

Where I am in my business right now requires a lot of attention, so in order to enjoy the 3 ½ minutes of summer in Syracuse, it often means I’m up at 6am on a weekend to get work done.

Then I can play.

Maybe you think I’m doing all of this in 10 hours a week. I am not.

YET! 😉

It may seem on my feed that I’m always at the lake. That I have an always-harmonious relationship with my son, hubs, BFF, & family.

NOPE. Hell no. I annoy them, and vice versa. We work through it, but it’s nowhere near perfect.

Is there someone in your life you’re comparing yourself to?

Have you moved beyond inspiration and into comparison?

Are you judging yourself and telling yourself that it’s “motivation”?


‘Cuz that’s bullshit. You don’t get motivated judging yourself.

Stop judging. Stop comparing. Start deciding who you want to be.

What do you want your life to look like?

It’s pretty maybe 50% of the time, and anyone who says different is not feeling their feelings.

They’re eating, drinking, or buffering their feelings.

This week, please notice as you scroll. Who’s feed/blog/videos/posts is not serving you?

Stop comparing yourself to other people and start comparing yourself to other versions of you.

Who you used to be.
Who you are now.
Who you want to become.


What do you want?
How are you gonna get it?
What needs to change?

Don’t look to anyone else but yourself to answer those questions!

Need support in seeing the good, the possibility? My online group coaching program The Idea Space can possibly help. We can chat about it or you can sign up here.

The program launches September 24th, and 20 Founders get an incredible value at $97/month. After 9/24, that price disappears.



If you don’t need support, maybe you just need to snooze someone! Take back your feed!


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