September Monthly Theme: September is the New January

Here, on the edge of summer, I want to explore a lie most of us tell ourselves:

This summer, I’ll slow down.

Did you race to fit in all that summer allows?

I did. Here’s why:

Summer’s a paradox:

  • We want it to be leisurely. And we want to do all the things & see all the people!
  • We love the long days. And sometimes they feel too long.
  • We embrace the lack of a schedule. And sometimes it feels chaotic.

That little AND word makes us feel like we’re not keeping promises to ourselves!

It’s like, I’ll let the kids stay up reaaaaalllllyyyyy late because – FIREFLIES, AND JEEZ, just go the hell to sleep!

Or, I’m planning trips to the lake, the mountains, the shore…the Fair, AND I want to stay home & rock on my hammock.

We want it all, and we deserve it – because in CNY, we get about 3 ½ minutes of summer!!

AND this summer was an absolute gem.

AND…this summer, my clients (and I) struggled keeping promises to…

  • Eat well.
  • Make time for themselves.
  • Get stuff done for their businesses.
  • Move & exercise.
  • Keep the house together.
  • Plan for fall.

And now – we’re ready! Let’s get our act together!

After all, September is the New January!!

It’s time to get our shit in order, accomplish our goals, and look to the near future.

BUT before you try to get all your shit in order, please do one little thing.

Think back to April & May. Think back to the chill in the air. Think back to the promise of an upcoming Summer season.

What did you want for your summer? Your life? Your SELF?

Think back to the long June nights as we headed toward the Solstice. To fires & BBQs & walks & swims & floats.

Think back to the dreams & goals you had coming out of a long, gray, cold, wet winter & spring.

Think about all that you enjoyed. And savor it.

AND maybe you wanted something more or different. Maybe you let some shit go that you wanted to attend to.

Regretting all that won’t help. Instead, take time to look back on your Summer and relish it. What did you want? What did you create?

And as you dip a toe & get back to real life, I highly recommend this tool: the Back on Track Notepad, and I use it every day. You can grab one here from Annie Taylor Design online!

It helps me achieve my goals – whether it’s spending more time at the lake or working on my business.

I’d love to hear: what’s one thing you’re really proud that you did this summer?

Shoot an email or leave a comment. I’m collecting answers to share what summer looks like for real people!

Xo, Jen

PS: I’m hosting a “Get Back On Track” Live Workshop on Monday, 9/24. It’s a day of looking back, looking ahead, making realistic changes, and liking where your life is heading next! Learn more & register here.









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