Why I Cried in Yoga Class (and 3 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way)

I quietly leave yoga class because I ‘need to go to the bathroom.’

What I really need is a frickin’ break.

Once in the safety of a stall, the tears roll. This pisses me off.


This is so silly! It’s yoga! It’s my CHOICE to be here! It’s my damn practice!

But I suck lately at yoga. I cheated on myself in a big way by letting my practice slide all summer.

I let summer have its way with me, and now…I’m way less strong. Far less fit. Almost inflexible.

And this damned class is so DAMN HARD!

I’m not crying because Yoga. I’m crying because I realize I chose having fun and being leisurely over attending to my practice – which is important to me.

But if it’s so important, why didn’t I choose it?

You might feel this way this time of year, too.

September feels like a time to re-boot – a way to get back to yourself. Get back on track.

It might be that I’m hard-wired as a high school teacher, but I find a new school year exciting! September, like January, is a place we get to start again!

Is there something you let go of this summer? Something IMPORTANT to you, but you made other choices?

It’s ok. Have a good cry, scream, pout, or glass of wine about it.

Acknowledge that you made different choices, and honor what you did instead. Maybe that’s what you needed!

And now that you see it – does it help to beat yourself up?

Nope. You know it doesn’t.

You can get back on track. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Don’t create drama around it.

Just decide what you want. Make a plan. And take a step forward.

Here are 3 ways to help you get there:

  1. The Back on Track Pad! A tool to help you take daily steps to get what you want. Grab one here!
  2. The Back on Track Workshop: Live locally? Work with me in person & set yourself up for success this fall! Register here.
  3. The Idea Space: An online group coaching program to help you bring your ideas to life! Learn more here.









Bottom line: getting on track again is so dang hard.

It’s not easy without support.

Take action in ways that feel right for you – your life – your particular dream.

Ready to re-boot? Just decide already. Go ahead & have your pity party. Then…move on!

Xo, Jen



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