The Sweet Relief of Routine

I feel great sadness when summer starts to say goodbye.

But the turn in the air also excites me – because I know structure is coming. A shift is happening.

It brings a sense of urgency. I mentally scream, It’s time to get my shit back together!!

Watch out for that thought!

 Here’s why: we’re all kinda out of practice on that! We just spent 3 months enjoying life & working really hard at NOT being structured!

When we’re charged with getting our shit together, we overwhelm ourselves with tasks.

You know – we empty out our head onto a piece of paper and call it a “to-do list”.

Did you recall everything you didn’t get to and promise yourself you’d get it done the day the kids went back to school?









Oy vey. That’s paralyzing!

Which results in not getting as much done as we think we ‘should’.

After all, if September is the New January, we’re supposed to jump in with both feet!

Which feels sucky & hard & impossible & annoying & overwhelming & frustrating.

Here’s what happens: we don’t actually get back on track until October.

Which causes us to judge ourselves pretty harshly!

Take a break from that mentality.

September can still be the New January – but let’s be intentional about it!

There’s a LOT to do. And we don’t have as much time as we think in any given day.

We need a plan.

Instead of dumping everything out onto a piece of paper…

With insane expectations…

And shoulding all over yourself…

Be overtly clear with yourself about what you want. Make a plan. Chip away a little at it each day.

Here’s an example to help:

What I want:

  • Launch my online coaching program 10/1.
  • Get 20 Founder members in there.
  • Help these Creative Women get their ideas into the world.

My Plan:

  • Er’ry day, work one hour on marketing.
  • Focus on Facebook ads, videos, and an online free class.
  • Connect with applicants via voice-on-voice Discovery Calls.

If I do one hour of marketing every day (in addition to all my other work), that’s 30 hours of marketing!

That’s a LOT of marketing!! I can really make some headway with 30 hours of marketing!

What do you want to make headway on?
How can you do it in small chunks each day?

Be honest:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What’s your time limit?

15 minutes? 30? 45? 60?

  1. Do you have to give up anything to make this happen?

Small shifts create big results because they accumulate – without feeling too hard.

You don’t need to overhaul your life

– just the thought that it all needs to be done yesterday.

If life has become a mixed tape of “excuse/reason/bullshit/disappointment”, stop playing that recording.

Make a plan & move forward to you where you want to go! Ready? Let’s go.

PS: I’m hosting a “Get Back on Track” Live Workshop on Monday, 9/24.

It’s a day of looking back, looking ahead, making realistic changes, and liking where your life is heading next!

Learn more & register here.


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  1. Hey Jen! Do you always do workshops and groups on Mondays? I can’t ever go because I teach on Mondays, but if you ever do a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday…I’m in! 😊

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