The Motivation Myth – and why Spontaneity is Bullshit

“But…structure is so…so…BORING.”

 My Creative clients tell me this all the time. To them, knowing when something starts & ends…knowing what to expect…that’s not comfort.

It’s dull.

My Creatives – clients who are passionate, multi-faceted, & hungry to experience everything – resist structure.

The structure I love so much feels constricting to them!

They believe they can’t have structure AND STILL BE the creative, spontaneous, magical, life-filled creatures they are!

Here’s a secret: They can have both.

When they put a little structure in their lives, it makes them even more magical, sparkly, and amazing!

It also makes them productive – something they complain to me about all the time.

Creative Women come to me, overwhelmed, and say, “I want to do this amazing thing, but I don’t know why I can’t get there.”

They want to Create something, and they want to be Spontaneous about it.

They’re waiting for Inspiration to hit.  For Motivation to show up.

They know that when Inspiration and Motivation arrive, everything will work out fine.

But here’s the thing: Inspiration & Motivation are thoughtless assholes. And Spontaneity is a slippery little sucker.

We cannot count on Inspiration & Motivation to show up when we’re ready. If we wait around for them, we waste lots of time.

Then there’s the problem with Spontaneity – she always keeps us doing something else. We tell ourselves, “Oh, I don’t want to plan working on my book. If I do it spontaneously, I’ll feel more legit. Authentic.”

So, we Spontaneously work on other lifey things – like laundry & errands & social media.

This causes Creatives to feel like they’ve been cheating on themselves for years.

“Why can’t I get anything done?” they ask me.

Because you haven’t planned it in! {Ermagahd they hate that answer.}

Tough truth: successful Creatives out there in the world – the ones making money doing the thing they REALLY want to bring to life…

…the ones FILLING up their souls by working in their passion…



They are doing the work – even when they don’t feel like it.

They are showing up – even when they don’t want to.

If you have an idea that just will not leave you alone – one you can’t escape – then it is your duty to bring it to life.


You can learn how to generate Inspiration & Motivation.

And it doesn’t happen Spontaneously.

All you’re doing is avoiding the hard work –

Maybe because you fear failure.

Or you fear success.

Or you fear hard work.

Or you worry you don’t know how.

It’s time to stop waiting. And worrying.

The world needs your idea. The world needs YOU to SHOW THE FUCK UP.

Truth Right Now: You can be a Creative and put a little structure in place. A few boundaries. A little discomfort.

Stop doing only the comfortable things. You don’t get better when you hang out in that space.

Make a shift. Get back to the things that are important for you. Make time for it.

Stop waiting. It’s time for you to show up. NOW.

This is hard. You might need some help, support, and community.

I’ve created an affordable, effective online group coaching community to help you do exactly this: get out of your own way.

Learn more about The Idea Space here!

But even if you don’t join, hire a coach, or get help, you need to stop talking bullshit and start taking action.

I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a line…

Xo, Jen

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