Do You Know About the Awful Before the Awesome?

Sometimes I meet someone thin and think, “She has no idea what it feels like to be overweight. She doesn’t get me at all.

Have you ever done this?

Like, at the lowest point in your marriage you meet a woman happy in her relationship and think, “She has no idea what it feels like to be miserable.”

Or, you’re failing particularly hard at an endeavor when you meet a successful woman. You think, “She’s never been broke or confused a day in her damn life.”

The problem is, when we meet someone living their awesomeness, we cannot believe there was anything before the awesome.

I promise you – there is ALWAYS a time before the awesome.

There is always a journey – it’s usually private, ugly, and difficult.

If you don’t believe that everyone (yes, even the thin, successful, happy people) struggle, then you’re doing your brain a HUUUUUUGE disservice.

Even the popular girls in high school, who always knew how to talk to boys effortlessly.

Even your boss, who is gorgeous and rich.

Even your sister-in-law, who seems to have it all together.

Stop bullshitting yourself. Stop believing that everyone has had it easier than you.

Stop believing that everyone knows what they’re doing.

They don’t. We’re all figuring it out together.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a real example of a woman has it ALL together: incredibly fit, driven, energetic, FUNNY, and positive.

AND for much of her life she was overweight, miserable, broke, alone, and confused.

Devastated, actually.

If you met her today, you would NOT believe it.  You’d have a whole story about her and how she’s better than you and she’s got her shit together and blahdey blah fricken blah.

Except, in about 5 minutes, she’d have you laughing at her back story.

MAN, did she epically fail! (She tells you here – go ahead, try & keep up with her in this interview she granted me!)

You might look at Shannon and start the “Yeah-Butting”.

Yeah, but she knows what she wants.

Yeah, but she’s obviously stronger than me.

Yeah, but that’s for HER to have. Not me.

Single mom to 4 kids. Full-time 2nd grade teacher.

And she created the business of her dreams – on the side.

People, it is time to call BULLSHIT on your own BULLSHIT.

Shannon will tell you herself that she is NOT SPECIAL.

She didn’t have a secret solution that you can’t have.

She is NOT more TALENTED than you.

The only difference is that she was ready to get over her own bullshit. She was ready to make her life better.

She was ready to bring her idea to life – Because NOT doing that was no longer an option. She felt like she was going to explode!

The NOT doing it was holding her back. Making her miserable. Keeping her from success.

Are you tired of holding yourself back?

Do you worry that you don’t know how? (Damn, girl! Who doesn’t worry about that??!)

Look, it’s time. It’s time to get what you want. Take the first step that you know how.

Learn how here.

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