What’s a coaching session like?

Coaching sessions are conversational. I ask lots of questions and encourage you to answer honestly. I listen to what’s inside your answers without judging you or telling you what to do. Every session is focused on your needs: there’s a reason you hired me: together we will uncover what you want, what’s in your way, and how to get there.

How will I actually achieve my goals?

Collaboration & hard work. Together, we develop a plan to activate your goal. We’ll uncover beliefs & actions that limit you – and you’ll have tools to overcome those. Every session ends with action items to implement designed to propel you toward your desired outcome. If something isn’t working, we examine what’s going on there.

What’s your coaching philosophy?

I believe you know yourself better than anyone else does, but sometimes there is a blind spot keeping you from getting what you want. Your mind may be on auto-pilot. My approach is to help you see what you really want and what’s in your way. You do the work to get there with my facilitation. That’s why it’s a conversation: I’m not a therapist, nor an assistant. Together we uncover what’s been stopping you, and you must do the implementation to activate your vision & achieve the goal.

Where do we meet?

I have an office on James Street in Syracuse. Of course, we can meet virtually via phone or ZOOM!

Have more questions?

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