“Jen’s holistic approach is straightforward and no bs.”

I struggle to break work into manageable steps. I get overwhelmed with big-picture end goals and get in my own way. Now, I’ve outlined my business, created a training program, & am launching it!

Cady H., Nanny Referral Service Provider

“I wouldn’t be here without you pushing me out of my comfort zone!”

I’m finally moving in the direction I was meant to! Jen helps me improve my mindset to believe I can create my dream business. Since working togther, I’ve more than doubled my income. I can’t thank you enough. 


Julie H., Pain Recovery Coach

“I am often overwhelmed and paralyzed by all my ideas and possibilities.”

I often feel unsure about my decisions, but Jen takes all the ideas and possibilities swimming in my brain and helps me prioritize them. I can then create action steps with meaningful timelines, taking action on small steps instead of just thinking about it – this adds up to progress!! Jen has helped me unfreeze myself and move forward. Since working together, I’ve made more progress and have been less distracted by other ideas.

JR, Syracuse

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