TheSoloprenuerProgram_LogoIs your business sucking the life out of your life?

You started your business to share your passion, help the world, AND make money!

You dreamed of adding to your family’s financial bottom line in an impactful way.

You imagined bringing your idea to life in your spare time – but there never is a moment to spare. 

Instead, you’ve got an expensive, draining, and time-consuming hobby. Or you have an idea that lives only in your imagination.

And now you’re feeling doubt, fear, and exhaustion – unsure how to move forward.

Is all this time, cost, and effort is worth the daily isolation, stress and overwhelm?

I absolutely understand! I was there myself.

I’m Jen Liddy, Accountability & Mindset Coach. I ran a company that didn’t make enough to pay me. I was frustrated, exhausted, and wondered why I couldn’t win at business! It depleted my time, energy, and self-esteem.

There was nothing left for my family – or myself. I was overwhelmed, fearful, and irritated. There had to be a better way, right? But I refused to invest in myself. I just kept hoping things would get better.

Turns out hope is not a strategy.

My husband tolerated my business, my stress, and my constant state of utter distraction. I desperately wanted to stop asking permission and make my own dang money!

Not shoe-shopping money or get-my-hair-done money. I’m talking about “I took the family on vacation” money. “I paid for the new siding on our house” money! “Mama needs a new car” money! 

Do you..

feel alone – because no one understands your struggles & stress?
feel guilt – when work bleeds into family life, no matter how hard you try?
get distracted – sidetracked because you’re unsure what to work on?

I felt the same way! That’s I why created The Thriving Solopreneur Program.

In this small-group online coaching program, you will…

  • Organize your day to be focused on money-making tasks.
  • Become productive – use time wisely!
  • Overcome isolation & stop wondering if you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Unearth confidence & eliminate paralysis!
  • Clear boundaries between work & family – with one trick to relieve guilt.
  • Extinguish overwhelm, frustration, & exhaustion – without changing anyone else’s behavior!
  • Banish fears about networking, marketing & sales. Learn how to crush them in a way that works for you.

You can achieve this.

You don’t need another certification, a new planning system, or a more understanding partner! You need support, accountability, and a shift in perspective and mindset. My mission is to help women fall back in love with their businesses – and stop running a very expensive hobby!

Program Topics:

Learn the “how to” aspect of building a business you love.

  • Foundation: Setting Goals
  • Foundation: Time Management
  • Target Market/Niche
  • Networking & Connecting
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Pitching
  • Creating Offers

Program Details:

The Thriving Solopreneur Program is 100% online.

  • Video & PDF content is dropped online so you can consume & learn at your own pace.
  • Live coaching/Q&A happens via ZOOM on the 2nd & 4th Thursday night of each month: 7:00 – 8:30pm
  • Hot seat coaching (30-min 1:1) to overcome hurdles available mid-April
  • Work Implementation Weeks are scheduled between coaching sessions. You’ll need them!
  • A private Facebook group is available to you for coach support, resources, videos, & Q&A
  • Connect with your Solopreneur community to reduce isolation, fear, & overwhelm.

Dates: 3/26 – 8/24, content dropped on 3/26, Intro Coaching Call 3/29

Pricing: $1800 @ $300/month (15% PIF savings option available)

Learn business strategies while practicing time & mind-management strategies to make money. Make life easier with over 10 hours per month of education, support, & coaching!

Let’s Connect

You deserve a business that feeds you mentally, emotionally, and monetarily!

To wake up every morning and know you’re working on stuff that matters.

To love your your business…making money and feeling amazing about yourself! 

I know what it feels like to be stuck. I wish I’d understood how investing time and energy in support and coaching could’ve changed my life four years ago. 

I would love to discuss your ideas, goals, & dreams in a free 30 minute Discovery Session to figure out if we’re a good fit to work together.

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